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Artist statement for
Swiss Mobiliar (2017)

The nucleus of the interface is masked by the layers of instruction, function and material bestrewed by the user. It is a space of live work and continuous retention, a space occupied by units of interface objects which ricochet between their various occupations. Each object containing a resolution and technicity which solidify’s in the smooth and manageable Interface we are faced with today. Victoria Young, takes the position of the Interface Object, to reveal and investigate this translucent space we continuously occupy. Using existing skeuomorphism, the artist manufactures a visibility into the role of working components and their location amongst the various surfaced superficial windows. The artist influences, manipulates and reveals the space of the screen, re-informing it as embodied matter. Looking to the work of James Ash and his theories surrounding the 'Interface Envelope' the artist seeks to align his critical thinking with her own theoretical understanding of the interface through physically investigating a convergence of space-time. The artist reveals the way in which Interfacial objects manifest an interaction with human capacities to sculpt a real-time space, thus she manifests the ‘Envelope’.


- Kunst & Nachhaltigkeit Vol 8. (Art and Sustainability Vol.8)
die Mobiliar, Bern, CH
6/09/17 - 16/03/18

- The 15 Cmdments - The Wrong Biennale
Online @
1/11/17 - 31/01/18

- Squadge # 2
York College, York, UK
7/11/17 - 9/12/17

- Squadge
Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth, UK
23/09/17 - 24/09/17

- Degree Show 1
Central Saint Martins, London, UK
24/05/17 - 28/05/17

- Geschmack
GEMACK, The Hague, NL
3/06/16 - 4/06/16


- Word in Transit 4 ArtLicks Weekend
The Victoria Line, London, UK

- Come to Fine Art. We drink alot
Central Saint Martins, London, UK

- Metaphonica: Songs of protest and resistance
Central Saint Martins, London, UK


- Nova Prize Nominee 2017
Degree Show 1
Central Saint Martins, London, UK



Victoria Louise Young
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